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2017 Riversweep

 Cleanup Wrap-Up

The 654 friends and neighbors who volunteered on drizzly and rainy October 7th to clean up the shoreline of Lake Wylie made the 15th annual Riversweep another successful event for the river. From the north end of the lake to the dam on the south end, they embarked in 45 boats, walked the shoreline, and manned the 14 gathering sites around the lake.

These dedicated workers collected a wide range of debris and trash that filled the equivalent of four (4) construction-site size dumpsters:

  • 503 bags of trash
  • 25 Styrofoam boat dock blocks
  • 2 kids' plastic swimming pools
  • 49 bags of recyclables
  • 22 metal and plastic barrels
  • 2 fishing poles
  • 113 pieces of lumber
  • 18 feet of boat decking
  • one 12-foot by 4-foot metal gate
  • 110 tires
  • 17 pieces of plastic and metal furniture
  • one 7-foot by 7-foot floating dock
  • one each: outboard motor, outdoor grill, jet ski seat, crock pot, car hood, steering wheel, boat gas can, bicycle, buoy, metal fish attractor, fire extinguisher

The 2017 Riversweep didn't get all the trash picked up; we never do. Inconsiderate and uncaring users of the lake and some fishermen who think dumping tires make great fish attractors continue to contaminate Lake Wylie.

A review of the results from past years shows that we're making a dent in the amount of debris in the lake and on the shoreline, but only a dent. The less considerate among us require that we all continue to monitor throughout the year and improve this beautiful natural resource we call Lake Wylie.

So, next year we'll reconvene on Saturday, October 6, 2018. Save the date, and then come out to give one morning out of the year to take care of the lake and the river.

Lake Wylie Rivesweep - The First Saturday in October!