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Frequently Asked Questions > Registering for Riversweep > Are there any special instructions for registering for Riversweep this year?

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Yes. For those volunteers who pre-register on this web site, you will not need to print out the Assumption of Risk and Release Form. Instead, before you start to register, read the Assumption of Risk & Release Form. Then, on the registration form, you will be asked to check a box stating that you agree to the terms stated in the form.


  • Volunteers less than 18 years of age are required to print out a copy of the form, obtain a parent or guardian signature on the form and bring it with them to the event.
  • Each member of a group, except the group leader who is handling the registration, must print out a copy of the form, sign it and turn it in to the group leader.
  • Volunteers who have not pre-registered online and come out on Saturday morning to one of the volunteer site locations around the lake.


Last updated on July 5, 2017 by Lake Wylie Riversweep